Cloud Solutions

IT Services - Cloud SolutionsThere are a number of large companies that have made the move to the cloud – but the cloud is tailor-made for small businesses. Your company can leverage the incredible advantages and cost savings by moving your email hosting, web hosting, and documents to the cloud.

The idea is pretty simple – right now you probably have a server or two in your office. It requires constant software updates, a secure and locked location, air-conditioning to keep it cool, and lots of power. Not to mention, you also need an experienced iT person to configure and mange it all. And since it stores your critical company data, it becomes a valuable target for cyber thieves.

By moving your email hosting, web hosting, and documents to the cloud, you automatically get a level of service that would be hard to match at your company – a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Your data is securely stored on a server that is monitored and maintained by a team of IT professionals. Your company network will now be more secure because it will not have to be configured with open ports to the Internet, your email and documents will be secured and backed up, and your website will rarely be down due to server issues. Your employees will be able to synchronize their email, contacts, and calendars to their tablets and smartphones which will increase their productivity. And they will also be able to access their company documents online – anywhere in the world!

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