Remote Access Solutions

IT Services - Remote Access SolutionsA Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a hardware/software solution that allows secure communications between two networks using a public network, such as the Internet. The keyword here is “secure”. All data sent from the first network to the second network is encrypted in a secure tunnel of communication. So, even though the communication is happening over the public Internet, no one else will be able to intercept the data being sent. The data is also encrypted and secure on the trip back to the originating network.

You may have heard of a VPN, but you may not know how productive they can make your employees. The VPN allows your employees to work from home and access the company files as if they were sitting at their desk in the office. This can help to reduce costs because if a small change or update needs to be made to a file on the weekend or late in the evening, your employees can make the changes from their home computer, securely and simply.

Most VPN’s are hardware based routers or network devices that can be configured within your company network. There are also a number of “software only” products out on the market that we can also help you setup and configure for remote access.