Wireless Networking Solutions

IT Services - Wireless Networking SolutionsMany people want to “lose the wires” and go wireless. Wireless networking can streamline your company network because there is no need for the extra time or costly installation of new cables. Plus, it can give your employees the freedom to “roam” throughout the office, while staying connected to the network with their laptops or smartphones. But is that always the right option?

As always, the answer is – it depends. Companies that rely heavily on database intensive applications would be better served to maintain a reliable “wired” connection. But mobile employees and conference rooms are perfect situations for a wireless connection. Many factors inside your company building can effect the performance of your wireless network. We can help answer all of the questions and recommend the best solution for your particular environment.

Wireless networking needs to be setup correctly in order to maintain privacy for your company data. Our team is experienced in installing and configuring wireless networks that are completely secure using the latest protocols and encryption algorithms.