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Business Class Email


Email has become one of the most important communication tools with your employees and with your customers. Your company needs a reliable server that is constantly updated in order to ensure your email is always available and secure.

Why “Business Class” Email?

Your business should be using a professional business class email solution, rather than trying to work with separate personal email accounts. For a minimal cost per month, you will receive valuable email tools for your employee’s productivity and secure management tools for the business owner. Features such as “litigation hold”, “mail flow rules”, and “online archive” can be important options for your company.

Hosted Email Makes Sense for Small Businesses

To ensure availability and security, we recommend using a solution such as Microsoft’s Office 365 email using Exchange Server. You receive guaranteed up-time with a secure email server running in a state-of-the-art facility, along with important business class features that will help take your company communications to the next level.

Use Your Own Domain Name for Email

As a competitive business in today’s market, you probably have a website or are thinking about a website for your company. Step one in that process is to register a domain name for your business that visitors will use to find your business online. Why not use that same domain name for your company email? Don’t limit your business reputation by using a generic domain such as or your local telephone/cable company’s domain. This makes your business look unprofessional and might make a potential customer think twice about contacting you. Use your own domain name for your company email – we will show you how easy this is to setup and the cost is minimal. Then you will be ready to start marketing your business properly to all of your customers and vendors, giving them the confidence that you are ready for business.

Stop Using POP Mail for Your Business!

You don’t have to be a large business to take advantage of business class email. If you are currently using Internet mail solutions such as Gmail, Yahoo, or other POP/IMAP systems, let us show you the cost effective way to save money, increase email security, and provide secure access to your email on multiple devices anywhere in the world. Company email systems should integrate with tablets and smartphones, allowing for full synchronization of your email, contacts, calendars, and documents. A properly configured email solution is the best investment you can make to streamline your overall communications with your employees and with your customers.