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Network & PC Security


Call our team at ACE Computer Technology to secure your network and PC environment. As a business owner, you want the peace of mind to know that your company network is protected from outside attacks and your internal computers are protected from careless or unsuspecting employees. The security of your network and data is absolutely critical to the success and reputation of your company. We will help to secure your network hardware and will work with you to develop security policies to protect against other potential threats.

There are two points of interest when it comes to securing your company’s computer network – securing against an external network attack and securing the internal company network from physical access to your system. See below to understand how your business may be affected.

Securing the Perimeter of Your Network

Anything outside your internal company network is considered the “edge” or “perimeter” of your network. The first line of defense in securing your network, is the main point of entry from the Internet or other external networks. We can install and maintain firewall devices that will enforce the access policies and services allowed to authorized users. Along with the firewall, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) will help to detect malware such as computer worms and will monitor network traffic for suspicious events, such as Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. And to further protect the network, a perimeter anti-virus and email scanning device is recommended. For most small businesses, we recommend one device that can handle all of the firewall, IPS, anti-virus, and email scanning duties. This helps to simplify installation and ongoing support, not to mention, it is a better value for our clients.

Securing Your Internal Company Network

The second line of defense is inside your own internal network. This means securing the company servers and desktop workstations. The company server needs to be monitored and updated with the latest software updates to ensure it is secured against new threats. The company server is also responsible to correctly authenticate the network users and provide access to specific company resources, so it is important to ensure those policies are monitored and updated regularly. Once your company server is secure, the most likely target of a potential threat are your desktop workstations. The desktop computers should be secured by keeping the operating system up to date and running local anti-virus and anti-spyware software applications. Even if a computer is offline, it can still cause issues on your company LAN if an employee unwittingly uses a compromised USB drive or other media on their computer. A combination of monitoring and training is usually the best course of action to make sure your employees are abiding by your company policies.