IT Services

Software Support


Whether you are looking for help with installing software for your company server or client workstations, our technicians have the experience to get the job done correctly. We provide software configuration and management services of well known applications to lesser known, industry specific applications that help you run your day to day business operations.

Contact us today for software support and software troubleshooting:

  • Install/Configure/Upgrade Network Operating Systems
  • Install/Configure/Upgrade Desktop Operating Systems
  • Manage Industry Specific Applications – On-Site or Hosted in the Cloud
  • Firmware Updates For Your Network Hardware
  • Driver Installation and Updates For All Hardware Devices
  • Software Training for Employers and Employees

On-Site Software or Cloud Services?

Your company may have used an on-site software solution on your company server for many years, but now you are looking at options for hosting this software “in the cloud” – using a secure Internet connection. You may also be wondering if it is time to get rid of your company server altogether? Our experienced IT Consultants at ACE Computer Technology can help you understand the benefits and trade-offs with these various solutions.

On-Site Software

Our techs have a broad range of experience installing, configuring, and updating many versions of Microsoft Windows Server operating system and various Linux distributions on local company servers. All software applications are only secure and reliable if they are consistently updated and all new patches are installed promptly. With our proactive approach and remote monitoring, our team will make sure your network is well defended against malicious software attacks.

Hosted / Cloud Software

For many small businesses, there are many advantages in removing your on premises server and moving to a Cloud Solution. We have a great deal of experience and success in moving company email hosting, web hosting, and documents sharing to a secure and reliable cloud solution.

Learn more about our Cloud Solutions