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In today’s modern era of technology, hard drives are more reliable and more durable than ever before. However, the electrical and mechanical components of a hard drive can suddenly fail, leaving you unable to access your critical company data files. Or, if you have moved to faster, non-mechanical SSD drives, you still have potential issues with natural disasters including fire and flood damage.

It Won’t Happen To Me …

For a small business owner, it is not a good plan to hope that you are lucky with the security of your data. The first step is to make sure you have a comprehensive data backup solution. If, however, you have valuable data stored on a drive that was not backed up, there still may be a chance for data recovery. Every situation is different and many factors will determine the level of success in recovering data.

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Data Recovery Experience

ACE Computer Technology works with a select group of Tier-1 data recovery specialists that have a proven track record of recovering data from failed or badly damaged hard drives. Whether the data is inaccessible due to human error (deletion) or a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.), we can provide a FREE diagnostic evaluation to start the process of recovering your data.

We will help you understand how the data recovery process works. Based on experience, we can tell you the chances of a successful data recovery project in different types of situations. Keep in mind that data recovery estimates are usually based on the size of the media (ie. 1TB hard drive) as well as the level of damage to the media (ie. submerged in water for 4 hours).

Data recovery can be more of an art, than a science, and working with the right team is crucial for your company to have the best chance at recovering your important data.