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Data Backup Solutions


The truth is … your company data is invaluable. There is no room for error when it comes to securing and protecting your company data. Your small business needs a reliable data backup solution designed to be easily managed and monitored. And if a crisis does occur, your solution should allow you to get back up and running quickly.

On-Site or Cloud Backup … Or Both?

It depends on your company policies and the level of redundancy you want built into your backup system. We will ask several questions in order to develop the best backup solution for your company:

  1. Is your company data in a central location (ie. Server on your network)?
  2. Do your client workstations also have important data to backup?
  3. How large is the data set that will need to be backed up each day?
  4. Are there any industry specific regulations that state how long you need to keep backups?
  5. How long could your company function while having to wait to recover data from a backup?

Protect Your Company Data

Our team has experienced a number of different network environments where the needs and policies vary for backing up data. We have provided simple “one-button” backup solutions for small businesses to more complex backup solutions which have redundant data backups going to different locations. In both cases, the goal is simple: protect the company data and provide a way to secure it by taking the backup off-site.

An alternative to an on-site backup is to move your backups to the cloud. A “cloud backup” solution can also be beneficial for your company, however it is important to understand the pros and cons of moving your backup to the cloud. Some areas to consider include: knowing which files are backed up, what schedule is configured, knowing how the files are stored, who has access to the files, and how much time it takes to recover your data in case of a disaster.

We will work with you to provide the most effective solutions for your specific company needs.