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Online Search Marketing

You probably know that a well designed and professional website is absolutely necessary to promote your products and services. But, it is just as important to create an effective marketing strategy for people to find your company on the Internet. People need to find your business – and you need to work with a team of experts to help you maximize your online marketing investment. Get answers with our experienced team at Temecula Graphics.

Temecula Graphics is our team of digital marketing professionals. We have worked closely with local small businesses to develop effective online marketing strategies for over 15 years.  We create the customized marketing plan with our clients, we implement the plan, and we continually monitor the plan for successful results. Some of the online marketing strategies that may be beneficial to your business include:

  • Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Industry Directories/Review Sites

We believe it is crucial to build your company’s brand identity through a consistent message across your entire online marketing plan. Each and every marketing platform can be utilized to tell your story and bring new customers to your business.


What is SEO? Why Does It Matter?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of getting visitors to your website through “organic” or “normal” search engine results from sites like Google. Sometimes SEO is referred to as Organic SEO to distinguish this type of marketing from “paid” types of advertising.

What Is Involved In Organic SEO?

There is no magic formula for Organic SEO, just industry guidelines and accepted best practices to build effective marketing campaigns. If someone promises you “instant results” with SEO – RUN AWAY! A company’s experience and insights into understanding the ever-changing landscape of SEO is very important for your budget. Anyone can throw a lot of money at advertising, but we specialize in effectively targeting your industry and your location for measurable results! Some of the Organic SEO services we offer include:

  • Research Your Specific Industry
  • Understand Your Location Targeting
  • Research Your Competitor’s SEO Activity
  • Keyword Research and Site Mapping
  • On-Page Optimization of Content and Assets
  • Social Media Management and Integration
  • On-Going Content Optimization
  • Monitor & Aggregate Site Metrics
  • Comprehensive Reports and Analysis

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a more immediate way of paying a company like Google to display ads for your company, along with the normal search engine results. These ads can be an effective way for you to reach customers looking for a specific product or service in your area, or in the entire world. Building an effective PPC Campaign with the Google AdWords network must start with knowledge. It is absolutely necessary to research your industry and your competitors based on historical data and trends with advertising networks.

I’ve Got a Budget For Online Advertising? Now What?

Research. Plan. Implement. Monitor. Manage.

Our team at ACE Computer Technology and Temecula Graphics will do all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your core business. Extensive research will help us develop a solid plan. Once the plan is implemented through an AdWords Campaign, it is important to monitor the results and be ready to make adjustments based on the site metrics and reporting. Here are some of the tasks we will be doing for your PPC advertising campaigns:

  • Research Your Specific Industry
  • Research Your Competitor’s PPC Activity
  • Create Your Google AdWords Account
  • Develop Keyword Lists for Specific Ads
  • Setup One or Multiple AdWords Campaigns
  • Create Ad Groups and Ads for Your Business
  • Monitor Site Metrics via the AdWords Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reports and Analysis

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can be an option for some businesses to get out the word on their products and services, current promotions and sales, or new projects. However, we don’t believe that it works effectively for every type of business. Our team can manage any accounts you currently have and discuss pros and cons of adding new social media accounts. We provide customized solutions for our clients who do not have the time or expertise for this type of marketing.

How Do I Manage All of These Social Media Accounts?

It can seem like a full-time job sometimes, right? That is why we want to help you focus a consistent message through the most effective social media sites used by businesses in your industry. For some industries, a LinkedIn Profile might make sense, but other industries may be better served by posting consistently on Facebook or Instagram. Our creative professionals will work with you to develop new marketing platform strategies to bring in new customers and continue building relationships with your current customers.


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